With the launch of Room4Everyone.org in January it seemed like a great opportunity to share the website with our communities during Green Ribbon Week.


Art Exhibit

This year we invited staff, clients, family and friends to submit original works of art for an Anti-Stigma Art Exhibit. Below are pictures of some of the work submitted. No secret here, provided a space and given the opportunity, creativity becomes a vital part of recovery for so many individuals facing mental health challenges.







Green Ribbon Week 2015 marked the graduation of Cohort4 for our speakers bureau. We celebrated our whole year of accomplishments at a Green Riboon Party where a few members were able to share thier stories as well.






Green Ribbon Week 2014

Room4Everyone in partnership with the cities of Claremont, La Verne and Pomona sought to bring public attention to the importance of reducing stigma by using the lime green ribbon as a way to start the conversation about Mental Health. In 2014 proclamations were given by each of the three cities, to declare the 3rd week in March as Green Ribbon Week.

room4everyone sm

 The effort got local and statewide attention. Please enjoy the articles that share more about Green Ribbon Week.

University of La Verne Campus Times

Daily Bulletin Article: "Talking about Mental Illness lessens stigms..."

Each Mind Matters Blog


Several months ago Tri-City was contacted by Jetske Wauran, a graduating Senior at the University of La Verne. She shared with us that she had chosen to focus her senior project on depression and stigma among college students. We were honored to collaborate with her.

As we continue to grow our own stigma reduction campaign, Room4Everyone, opportunities to partner with community members who are passionate, committed and driven to do their part in reducing stigma, will continue to present themselves. Please take a few minutes and enjoy the finished product, 'The Hidden Struggle'. She did a fabulous job!